Stop the Insanity

To the editor:

It is understandable the reasons why the hospital workers are protesting and presently on strike. Based upon that their unrealistic wages in conjunction with the government cost cutting measures they are very close to loose their jobs therefore they have nothing to loose.

The unthinkable is to see the teachers now prepared to show their support however staying away from their classes. Are they prepared to spend the day on KGH or is this only an unexpected long weekend? I would applaud their support during their spare time or after school hours. (Despite the inconvenience of not having school Monday parents have to spend extra money on already expensive daycares or babysitters)

Lets not forget that recently we lost the Western Star truck plant where several well paid (skilled workers) lost jobs, and most of them are still looking for a decent job or presently working for a much lower income.

Lets stop the insanity and lets compare what the market pays based on job requirements, personnel qualification, work to be performed and activity risk.


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