Unions Have To Go

To the editor:

That's the last straw! I am sick and tired of all the strikes. Now because of the battle between the HEU and government over a rollback in wages, other unions are now in the battle, resulting in our kids now missing school. It's bad enough they get schooled less these days with pro D days and and extended spring break but now I understand that on Monday May 3 the kids wont be going to school because the teachers are going on strike in support of the HEU. Well enough is enough. Its time the unions of this province stopped holding us people hostage everytime they don't get their way. I would like to know just who runs this province.

I am a non-union worker just like most of the people in this province in the private sector. We struggle from day to day making ends meet. I don't have any job security or benefits and I'm sick of these bloody unions holding this province hostage. I do understand in some cases unions are needed against employers who treat their staff and workers badly but this latest battle is totally insane. You union workers are the highest paid employees in Canada. If I had my way, I would throw the hole lot of you in jail for failing to go back to work. Let us non-union workers take over for you, we would be glad to do so. Quit your whining and get your butts back to work because sympathy from the rest of us has now become non-existent.


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