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Letter to Sarah MacIntyre, Canadian Taxpayer Federation:

Sarah, I'm confused and frustrated at the idea that you would sue the HEU for standing up for their rights. Yes, some people have been inconvenienced by this strike action. Some may be more than inconvenienced. Bill 37 will also inconvenience a good many HEU members. It will also destroy some families with unemployment, bankrupcy and emotion stress. Many of these HEU member could be the ones who need this healthcare that is compromised by the HEU strike action. These HEU members are Canadian Taxpayers! They did not choose to join a union. It was a condition of their employment!

If you sue the HEU you will be adding to problems of these 43000 plus Canadian Taxpayers! You will be responsible for raising their union dues to pay for the class action suit. You cannot sue one group of Canadian Taxpayers and think you are helping the another. They are all the same people!

Before you embark on this class action suit please think about what you are doing. Shouldn't you be helping the "Canadian Taxpayer" stand up for their rights against a government that is destroying healthcare in BC? Oh, I am not an HEU member but I can understand how each one must be feeling knowing that the Canadian Taxpayer Federation does not recognize them as Canadian Taxpayers.


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