Strikers Too Noisy

Where is the bi-law enforcement officer to control the obvious noise pollution problem the striking HEU workers are causing?

I live in the area around the hospital and it is getting out of hand. When I have to listen to horns honking and people yelling from my yard (which is 1 block away) it infringes on my rights and the rights of the drivers who must swerve to avoid the protesters.

I have no issue with the political side of this, they feel they are justified and I do not have the inside track in order to make an informed decision. I can bet, though, that if after the strike, if I park in the parking lot at the Hospital and continuously honk my horn and yell at the top of my lungs, I may get a fine or be forcibly removed from the premises. Please be more considerate of the environment around you and the folks that live amidst the strike day to day. Think of the patients at the Hospital putting up with the noise. After all, I thought Hospitals were supposed to be QUIET ZONES!


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