Where Are The Politicians?

I have just finished two hours on the picket lines in support of the HEU. Along with other groups varying from the Firefighters to individual citizens, the support from for this strike is widespread, and yet I was embarrassed to find that I was the only representative of a political party.

This strike is about democracy and the democratic process, not because the HEU wants more money (they don't), and on that point alone all politicos, whatever their stripe, should be out in support of the HEU condemning the means by which Bill 37 has been forced on them, as well as it's content.

Our political representatives are not elected to go and hide in their offices in Ottawa or Victoria, abandoning their electorate to their fate, but to stand up and be counted when matters of importance are affecting their communities. And there can be fewer more basic issues than that of the democratic process.

Werner Schmidt should certainly be taking a firm public stand condemning Bill 37, and so too should local representatives of the other parties. Let us hope that tomorrow they too will be seen on the picket lines along with the rest of the community.

-Kevin Ade
Green Party of Canada Candidate, Kelowna Riding

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