It's Not 9 Weeks Of Holidays

Your story stating, Premier Campbell would appear to be extending an olive branch to striking HEU members says that if a worker in the HEU would give up one of their nine weeks of vacation and decide to go for a 40 hour work week their would be no hit on their paycheques). Excuse me but the only people in the HEU that have 9 weeks of vacation entitlement would have to have 29 years of service.

You only have to go to the HEU website http://www.heu.org/2004/proposal.PDF and see the government proposal. Campbell is making it sound like all the HEU members have 9 weeks of vacation. Why when you report a story can't you do a little bit of research of your own? Campbell is full of it. Most people do not have the time to do the research and tend to believe every thing you print. Is your station manager a liberal supporter? Please give us unbiased reporting of a story and do your own research! By the way I am not an HEU member. Just one of the hundreds of thousands of people that are sick and tired of Campbell and his capitalist poor monger hacks that are sitting in the legislature today.

-Jim Van Der Lee

To the editor:
As per your article that HEU members get nine weeks of holidays. To clarify this very few if any members get nine weeks of holidays. Maybe the Honorable Mr. Campbell was getting confused with his own holiday allotment.

-R. Conzatti

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