Privacy Erosion

It never fails to amaze me that all levels of government continue to find ways to justify the erosion of our right to privacy. This is a "free" country where the citizens have the right to move about without with out BIG BROTHER watching our every step.

I was pulled over in a road block by the RCMP and asked where I was going to which I replied. "It's none of your business where I am going". The officer got very upset and told me that he felt he had the right to know because he was looking after "public safety".

Treating everyone like a criminal does not create a better or safer world. Trusting our privacy to the RCMP or "city staff" makes little sense either. We cannot be protected from every eventuality and the loss of our rights, freedoms and privacy cannot be justified to save a few dollars cleaning up graffiti or by making video available so every law abiding citizen walking through a park will have to explain their actions should some unlawful event happen.

Remember we are supposed to be a FREE people and while public safety is important it does not trump our rights and freedoms.

Thank you.

Michael Holler

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