Local man taking 'Hero Holiday'

A Kelowna man - Joseph Wetherill has booked himself a post-Christmas holiday - a  Live Different Hero Holiday, that is. 

This organization raises funds to help build houses for the, well-below-poverty level, people of Mexico communities that need it the most.

The following is from their website:
Experience the Mexico that few people know about! Work for these people is very sporadic, and therefore provides limited financial stability for their families. As a result of the need we saw in the town of Vicente Guerrero and the surrounding San Quintin valley communities, Live Different started working in Mexico in 2005. Many of the migrant families living here are forced to construct their small homes out of whatever they can find: scraps of wood, cardboard, and plastic. Thanks to the help of Hero Holiday volunteers, such as yourself, we have been able to build over 150 homes, 5 schools, and clinics in various communities in the area - and we have each been changed in the process.

Wetherill, who works at Prairie Coast Equipment in Kelowna, has chosen to take part in this quest to end poverty or at least help make a difference. 

"My husband did not hesitate to jump on board," explained Julie Wetherill.  "The catch is he has to raise funds for supplies to help build these homes and I would love the opportunity to let others get involved."
You can find his webpage: here

"I am very fortunate to be participating in the Christmas Hero Holiday taking place December 27, 2013 - January 5, 2014.," said Wetherill. "Hero Holiday is a humanitarian trip to Mexico where we will be immersing ourselves in the local community and building new homes for families living in extreme poverty.

"I hope that you will support me in my efforts to bring love, hope and change to these deserving families by making a donation via this page to Live Different, the charity that is facilitating this project."

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