Local film maker hopes to inspire

A local director is hoping his new film will inspire people to pursue the things they really want in life.

Thomas Bowerbank of Bowerbank Digital Cinema along with Accent Films wanted to create a film that would be an uplifting experience for viewers, as well as push those who really need it to get out into the world.

Shot on location in Granada and San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua as well as in Kelowna and Vancouver as a 'NICA' explores what it would be like to drop everything and live a carefree life in a tropical paradise.

The narrative that follows a young man on his adventure from the daily grind of the big city 9 to 5 routine to an anything-goes lifestyle in Central America.

Making it clear this film is not a documentary, Bowerbank says shooting a narrative had its challenges.

"It really changes the game when you're shooting a narrative film in a documentary setting , where you might only have one opportunity to get the shot. It really just mean that much more when you come out with the shots you had in mind and it's very rewarding for me as a filmmaker."

Bowerbank says the film will be released later this year with a run time of 10 to 15 minutes and he is expected to submit the piece to several film festivals.

“It was quite an experience traveling to Central America with so much gear. Being in the same area we shot two years ago to scout locations was definitely helpful, but of course you can’t plan for everything mother nature and the people of this world throw at you. It’s always a gamble wether your going to be able to capture what you have in your mind once on location in the real world with the cameras rolling."

Bowerbank is an award winning film director based in Kelowna, who grew up in rural northern British Columbia. He attended film school at the Centre for Arts and Technology in 2007 and has spent the last three years working in the film industry for production companies as well as independently.

Bowerbank went on to found his production company Bowerbank Digital Cinema, which would enable his ideal lifestyle of filmmaking, snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing.

Since 2012, Bowerbank has shot music videos, created TV ad campaigns, online marketing films and most recently his independent narrative short film based in Nicaragua.

Bowerbank Digital Cinema is a boutique production company specializing in shooting, editing and colour grading content for film, television and the web.

Check out the trailer for 'NICA'.

NICA Trailer from Bowerbank Digital Cinema on Vimeo.


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