Hundreds march against Monsanto

Hundreds of people gathered in Kelowna Saturday morning to demonstrate against Monsanto and genetically modified foods.

The group of over 300 people – many of whom wore the colour red and held signs – formed at the Parkinson Recreation Centre and proceeded to cross the overpass and march to the farmers market.

It’s all part of a united stand against Monsanto and a call to demand labeling on all products that contain genetically modified foods, while supporting the local farmers of the Okanagan Valley.

Similar marches were organized across the globe in 500 cities spanning over 50 counties, including demonstrations in Vernon and Penticton.

Organizers believe Monsanto is destroying farmer’s lives across the globe and making headway into owning the seeds that farmers are forced to use – which would be GMO.

Monsanto is a publicly traded multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation and a leading producer of genetically engineered seeds. You can learn more about Monsanto and the many demonstrations here.

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