OKM's 'Gangnam Style' gang

What started as a film project for the Social Media Class at Okanagan Mission Secondary has become much more than that for the entire school.

"We're so happy with how it's come out," says 15 year-old Aaron Obedkoff. "This is our first year and this is our first major project."

Aaron is one of five students in the class, which also includes Freya Kellet, Stanley Prescott, Thish Rajapakshe and Cameron Switzer.

The group, led by their teacher, Ms. Durley, decided to create a video featuring the students and teachers of OKM dancing along with Psy's hit 'Gangnam Style.'

A video which is now beginning to go viral.

"Our original goal was kind of to unite the school a bit more and get some school pride going, but I don't think we expected to have 13,000 views in three days. I don't think any of us expected it to get that big," says Obdekoff.

The students also learned how much work goes into creating a project of this magnitude.

They worked during lunch hours and before school to create the storyboard. When that was complete, they found a very talented filmmaker in Harrison Mendel, who is also a student at the school.

The video was shot over a two week period at various locations around the school.

"A big hand has to go to Harrison, who helped us film it. He put a lot of time into editing and filming and he had a great vision of what it should look like," adds Obdekoff.

Once all the post production work was completed, the school held a 'spirit assembly' last Thursday and the reception was astounding.

Not only was the crowd entertained, laughing and cheering to the on screen antics, but for the rest of the day students could be heard excitedly talking about it or mimicking dance moves.

Now the Social Media Class hopes to build on their initial momentum and create something even bigger.

"We kind of hope to use the buzz we created to really spread the word at our school. I think what was lacking at our school was a great communications source. Something that all the students can look to for all the news that's happening at our school," says Obdekoff.

"So the Gangnam Style video was a way for us to gain a footing and now we're Tweeting and Facebooking about what's happening at our school. Now that we've got a voice that's heard, we're going to use it to promote stuff at our school."

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