Dial-a-dope and top cop's daughter

"This event goes to show that nobody is immune from drugs and/or criminal activity and he, like anybody else, is a victim as a result of this."

Those words from RCMP Inspector, Rick Flewelling, who confirmed Thursday the daughter of RCMP Superintendent, Bill McKinnon has been arrested on drug charges.

Flewelling says Lisa McKinnon, 22, who now resides in Richmond, was arrested Tuesday along with a 19-year-old Kelowna woman Tuesday in Kelowna.

He was not specific as to where the arrest took place.

"The charges stemmed from an investigation where members of the Kelowna RCMP were targeting those involved in a dial-a-dope operation this month," says Flewelling.

"They appeared before a JJP on February 29 (Wednesday) and were released on conditions.

McKinnon is scheduled to appear again in court March 29.

According to court documents, McKinnon faces two charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking in heroin and cocaine.

Flewelling says once investigators realized who they were dealing with steps were taken to isolate Supt. McKinnon from the investigation.

"Supt. McKinnon was not aware of what was going on and that the investigation was allowed to go on keeping in mind the integrity of the investigation," says Flewelling.

He says this should not be seen as a black mark on the Kelowna Detachment but underscores the fact drugs and crime can affect anyone.

"I think it speaks to the point that criminality and drugs is something we all have to face. Any one of us are not immune from that type of thing," says Flewelling.

"We are all susceptible to drugs and what it can do. He and his wife are not different. They're victims, they're parents. I can't stress that enough. They are at home dealing with it."

Interview with Kelowna RCMP Inspector, Rick Flewelling, following the arrest of Superintendent Bill McKinnon's daughter. (Video-Kelly Hayes)

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