Update: Flying Christmas tree

At what point can you say, 'I've seen or heard everything,' and really mean it?

Kelowna RCMP may have reached that point on Sunday, when police received a report of a 'flying' Christmas tree, and video evidence to boot.

Const. Steve Holmes, says Mounties received a call from a 32-year-old Kelowna woman, Sunday evening around 5 p.m., stating that she had 'accidentally' launched a 5' tall, 16 pound Christmas tree into the night sky.

"According to her story, she did this to impress her friends as part of a scavenger hunt but didn't intend for the tree to get away from her," says Holmes.

The tree, with several dozen regular and helium balloons tied to it was let go in an empty field at Springfield and Benvoulin.

They also took video of the launch.

Holmes says the woman claimed the tree was heading north and was concerned it would make its way to the airport.

"The Kelowna Airport was advised as a precaution."

"The tree has not been seen or located, assuming it has landed."

Airport Media Relations Director, Jenelle Hynes, says Sunday's call was definitely one of the most unusual calls the airport has received.

She says if indeed the tree had floated in the airport's air space, an aircraft would have to be held until such times as the object either fell to earth or cleared the air space.

"The tree would get the right of way," says Hynes.

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