FourChange will spark debate: Blanleil

Kelowna Councillor Andre Blanleil is in favour of frank, political debate.

He says if it takes an organization such as FourChhange.org to spark that debate, then so be it.

The veteran Kelowna politician and businessman is one of four sitting councillors endorsed by the organization that believes the current council is dysfunctional, is not working, and needs to be changed.

"I think this is a good thing, it'll get people talking and that's never a bad thing," says Blanleil.

"I think the mayor's race will be good because people will actually start hearing what's going on."

Tuesday, FourChange.org released 10 items from a longer list the group says it has received from Kelowna citizens showing examples of council's lack of leadership.

The list includes:

  • Much work, lots of money, great community support - but then this Council reverses the CD21 Plan
  • Rapid Transit to Rutland sees much talk, many delays; watered-down plan to be 5 years in the making
  • Turns out Kelowna’s new logo not so original or popular - $80,000 and 2 years “extensive” research
  • City requests proposals for KSS site; then rejects all three; site still sits empty. Then, Council invents...
  • ...the Central Green plan; loaded with costly demands; no takers yet, could cost city up to $10 million
  • Kelowna buys waterfront lots at Cedar Avenue; rejects long-planned project; now back for more study
  • Salary Task Force says freeze salaries; Council delays 4 months before grudgingly accepting the report
  • Bernard merchants deserve a guaranteed timeline; not: “contractors can’t work through the winter...”
  • Council bounces around on Enterprise Bunnies - then argues over Backyard Chickens?
  • City changing its mind on changing HOV lanes?

Blanleil says while he agrees with most of the comments he says he is not about to bash individual councillors.

"I don't agree with the direction they've taken with a lot of things and I think I've made that abundantly clear over the last three years, but I'm not going to go out there and beat them," says Blanleil.

"I agree with most of those things but, again, that's for them to say and not for me to say."

While FourChange is endorsing four current councillors Blanleil says he's surprised the media is giving the group so much attention.

"The Mission Residents Assoiciation has been putting out a list of who to vote for and sending sending it to every member that lives in the Mission. How is that different?"


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