Update: Bacon killed in gangland shooting

Members of two rival gangs were among those shot during a brazen, daylight, gangland shooting in front of the Delta Grand Hotel Sunday.

Jonathan Bacon, the reputed head of the Red Scorpions died of injuries suffered when the Porsche Cayenne SUV he occupied with four other people, was riddled with bullets.

A full patch member of the Hells Angels, believed to be Larry Amero, was injured during the attack.

Amero and two women in the vehicle suffered non-life threatening injuries and are expected to recover.

A fifth person inside the vehicle fled the scene. He has not been located.

During a news conference Monday afternoon, Const. Steve Holmes says no arrests have been made as of yet.

"All indications lead police to believe that this incident was linked to organized crime and was targeted," says Holmes.

"The number of suspects involved is not yet known."

Holmes says police have not yet confirmed any connection between the shooting and a burned out vehicle discovered in Lake Country within hours of the shooting.

The type or description of the firearms used have also not been confirmed.

Police were called to the Delta Grand about 2:30 Sunday afternoon after men in dark clothing and wearing balaclavas opened fire on the SUV as it attempted to leave the front entrance of the hotel.

Witnesses say they heard several dozen shots fired in rapid succession.

RCMP Superintendent, Bill McKinnon, says given the high profile and very public nature of Sunday's attack, there is a heightened anxiety within the community.

McKinnon says efforts to suppress gang violence remains a top priority.

"The issues of gangs and organized crime is one of the top law enforcement priorities across this province and this country," says McKinnon.

"Gangs and their associates have a callous disregard for the safety of others when disputes erupt and it potentially places all of us at risk. We will not tolerate criminal gang violence, gang disputes or turf wars in our community."

McKinnon says gang and organized crime investigations are extremely complex and take a tremendous amount of resources.

"We are fortunate in this province to have a number of integrated and specialized units. They are engaged in this file."

He urges anyone with knowledge of why and who was responsible to come forward.

Castanet's Kelly Hayes reports.

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