Kickboxer devastated by theft

The theft of two championship belts has left a Lake Country kickboxer devastated.

Adolfo Lozano, a Muay Thai kickboxing instructor at Lake Country Fitness Club Blackbelts, has had his International Kickboxing Federation World and National Championship Belts on display for the past five years.

On Wednesday, February 9, both were stolen from the club.

"Adolfo's devastated, it's very personal when someone does that," says club co-owner Susan Hegedus.

"It's his life work that got him those belts and for someone to take them is pretty shocking," says Hegedus, adding that the belts have no resale value.

She says Lozano, a five year employee at the club, was proud to display his belts.

"Everyone was able to come and look at them, we've never had any trouble before. Adolfo is very respected, everybody is pretty upset that that would happen."

Hegedus says if the belts are returned, a no-questions-asked reward will be given.

Anyone with information can either call (250)870-7156 or anonymously fill out the contact form on the Lake Country Fitness Club Blackbelts website.

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