Pitbull attack in Rutland

A long time family pet was fatally attacked Thursday morning by two pit bulls.

A.J. Mathews says his mother's 10 year old cat "Mouse" was in the bush outside her residence on Pearson Road in Rutland when the dogs attacked.

"There's a Juniper bush that Mouse would like to go investigate when she went out side in the mornings. That was where the two pit bulls found her and pinned her up against the house, and proceeded to move on to kill her."

A tenant living in the house heard the noise and when she came out to investigate saw the attack underway.

"She went down and tried to get them off of Mouse. She succeeded in getting one off, but she couldn't handle both of them." says Mathews. "She eventually got Mouse away from the dogs and inside the house, then took her to the vet."

Unfortunately, the wounds were too severe and Mouse had to be put down.

After receiving the complaint, City of Kelowna Dog Control did a search of the neighbourhood and eventually located two dogs that were found wandering in the area.

After showing pictures of the dogs to the witness, Dog Control has confirmed that they have the two dogs responsible for the attack.

Once the investigation is complete, a decision on the dogs' future will be made.

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