Liquid Zoo licence cancelled

As of April 30, the liquor licence, belonging to the Liquid Zoo Show Lounge Bar and Grill, which was suspended in October of 2009 has now been cancelled, and the establishment will no longer be licenced to operate.

The Liquor Control and Licencing Branch (LCLB) has now concluded its involvement into the licencing investigation, that stemmed from a drug trafficking search warrant and improper business practices.

The licence was cancelled primarily because the Liquid Zoo failed to meet the requirements necessary to maintain its liquor licence. This determination was made as a result of a lengthy, fit and proper investigation by the Liquor Control and Licencing Branch.

The Entertainment District Enforcement Team consisting of Local Government, police, the LCLB and the local late night industry, is committed to ensuring that Licencing standards are adhered to, as it impacts the safety of those patronizing the entertainment establishments.

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