Liquid Zoo loses liquor licence

The clock is ticking for the owners of the Liquid Zoo in Kelowna.

Castanet Media is first to report that the Lawrence Avenue establishment has lost its liquor licence.

"The Province’s Liquor Control and Licencing Branch (LCLB) ordered the establishment closed effective November 3, after an investigation revealed that one of the individuals applying to take over the license for this establishment is believed to be associated with an organized crime organization," says Cindy Stephenson of the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.

"By law, the LCLB may not issue a liquor licence to anyone associated with an organized crime group or involved in criminal activity."

It's been widely reported that the Liquid Zoo has links to the Hells Angels.

The LCLB says the liquor licence has been temporarily reverted back to the original licencee, but adds that doesn't mean the establishment is back in business.

"Before the establishment can re-open, they must show they own or lease the building and own the business. They have two weeks to do so. If they are not able to supply proof, the establishment remains closed, and the licence is cancelled."

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