Mother bear with two cubs tries to catch a fawn in Kelowna's Upper Mission

Momma bear feeding cubs

Rob Gibson

A Kelowna woman shared a video of a momma bear chasing a baby deer in her neighbourhood near Kuiper's Peak Mountain Park.

The video shows a mother bear with her cubs chasing a fawn through the backyard of a home in the Upper Mission on Kuiper's Crescent.

The person who shared the video with Castanet asked that her name not be used and she is hoping that people will avoid the area.

"Bear warning. Mother bear with two cubs chasing a fawn on Kuipers Crescent area at lunchtime today (Monday).

"Well, first of all, I hope it didn't catch the fawn. Secondly, people walk around here by themselves, children walk by themselves. So I'm worried about a great big huge bear being you know, in the neighbourhood for kids and things and thirdly, I hope everybody keeps their garbage in their garages."

The life or death chase took place on the edge of the property located on the edge of town and the wilderness.

The woman says she called the BC Conservation Officer Service and the RAPP line.

Fawns are part of a bear's natural diet. Just last week a bear was caught on video carrying a dead fawn in its mouth.

Wildlife specialist Pete Wise tells Castanet it's pretty common for bears to chase and catch fawns at this time of year.

“The bears are wandering around,” said Wise. “They’re looking for food. So don’t give them a reason.”

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