A new Kelowna business has launched dedicated to helping seniors stay active and maintain independence

Enjoying golden age years

Madison Reeve

You're never too old to stay active.

A new mobile fitness service for seniors has launched in Kelowna, offering both group and individual classes for the community.

Kelowna resident and health care professional Jillian Arlt recently launched 'Golden Age Fitness' after she noticed a gap in seniors' rehabilitation throughout her time at Kelowna General Hospital.

"Often times we are just discharging people with no real plan or something set for them, and they need more help in the community. But they don't necessarily need physio; they need something that is going to keep them moving and keep them healthy."

Arlt led a group class at Missionwood Retirement Resort on Monday, focusing on balance, mobility, and strength.

Residents also benefit from the social aspect of the classes.

"Just doing the exercises with the people here and just enjoying it. I'm really happy with it," resident Carole said.

The 82-year-old participant says she has seen improvement in her movement over the last few months.

"It's improving my issues that I have just with stiffness and mobility and that. I think it's very good," she added.

For more information on 'Golden Age Fitness', click here.

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