Lake Country's Wooden Nickel Cafe closing, owners cite rising costs

Wooden Nickel closing

Tough times in the restaurant industry have forced another small mom-and-pop operation out of business.

Less than a year after they took over the establishment, the new owners of the Wooden Nickel Cafe have announced they will have to shut the doors for good.

“Unfortunately we can't afford to keep the lights on...literally. The restaurant industry has taken a huge hit with rising costs and with us being new owners and having some challenges right off the hop with broken equipment as well as other challenges we just can't catch up,” reads a post on a Lake Country community Facebook group.

“I am so sorry to the community as I know how much this place not only means to me but to all of you as well. This shut down could be any day so please come get your breakfast one more time before it happens.”

Long-time employee Cheryl Forster and her husband Travis took over the restaurant in June 2023. Cheryl said the previous owner was ready to move onto the next chapter of her life after losing her husband. It was Forster’s second try at running a restaurant. Not long after moving to Lake Country, she and her former partner bought the Greek House and owned it for a couple of years.

The Wooden Nickel Cafe has been in its current location along Highway 97 near Berry Road since at least 1990.

Lake Country residents are expressing their sadness at the loss of the local dining spot. One person commenting on the Facebook post wrote, “So sorry to hear this news. We have always loved the homey feel and Delicious food at the Wooden Nickel. We will miss you and wish you the best moving forward.

Another comment said they feel for the owners “as I know how hard it is to keep things going. Lease payments are ridiculous.”

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