Kelowna man involved in 2006 killing faces new firearm charges

New charges 18 years later

A Kelowna man who was involved in a horrific killing of a woman almost 18 years ago is facing new criminal charges.

Last month, 36-year-old Cyle Ivan was arrested and charged with several firearms offences, including pointing a firearm at a person, for an alleged incident that occurred in Kelowna. While details around the incident aren't clear, it allegedly occurred on Feb. 13, and Ivan was arrested that same day.

Judge Michelle Daneliuk released him on $5,000 bail on Feb. 16 and the case continues to wind its way through the court system.

According to online court records, Ivan has kept himself out of the criminal justice system in B.C. since serving a two-year sentence for manslaughter back in 2009.

That sentence came as a result of Ivan's role in the 2006 killing of a 29-year-old woman.

Just 18 years old at the time, Ivan was a low-level drug dealer and drug user in Kelowna, when he and 24-year-old Darryl Cook drove Danielle Larson to an illegal dumpsite off Glenrosa Road. Larson owed drug dealers in town money, and the pair were looking to collect on a $5,000 bounty on her head.

Ivan smothered Larson's face with an ammonia-soaked rag in an attempt to knock her unconscious, before holding her head in a puddle. Cook then slashed her throat three times, killing her. Cook cut out a tattoo from Larson's arm and a piece of her hair, in an attempt to claim the bounty.

Both men were charged with first-degree murder, but Ivan struck a plea deal with the Crown and pleaded down to manslaughter in 2008. He was handed a two-year sentence. Cook pleaded guilty to second-degree murder a short time later, and was given a life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 years.

While Ivan is now once again facing criminal charges, it appears Cook has stayed out of trouble since his release on full parole back in 2020.

This past January, the Parole Board of Canada removed a parole condition that he regularly report his financial records. The Parole Board notes that Cook was heavily addicted to crack cocaine when he committed the murder, but Cook says he hasn't used drugs since 2012.

“There is no information to suggest that you have used intoxicants nor are there any concerns about the people with whom you are associating. In this respect you are now married, have a child, and are surrounded by positive family members and friends,” the Parole Board states.

“There have been no indications that you have returned to criminal behaviour, criminal associates, or substance use and that for four years in the community it has been determined that your income has been derived solely from legitimate sources.”

But because he's still facing a life sentence, the 41-year-old Cook will be under parole conditions for the rest of his life. Currently, these conditions include no consuming alcohol or drugs, avoid certain people and report all relationships with females.

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