RCMP doing some spring cleaning

Kelowna RCMP are doing a little spring cleaning by taking a few more drug dealers off the street.

The media was notified early Tuesday morning that RCMP were about to launch a series of arrests, targeting drug dealers and the 'criminal element.'

The first stop was City Park where not a single drug dealer could be found.

The focus then switched to the Kelowna Drop In Center, where at least one male was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Head of the RCMP's Downtown Enforcement Unit, Mark Slade, says it's just the beginning.

"We're looking at more than a dozen warrants that we would like to execute."

Slade admits that when police catch the drug dealers they're looking for, the void will be replaced.

"Someone will come in a take their place. It's like shoveling water. But when we do pick someone up and have them banned from the red-zone, it is a step toward cleaning up the downtown area."

Last summer, police launched several drug sweeps of Kelowna's downtown and arrested more than 50 drug dealers.

Just last week, the RCMP drug squad rounded up half-a-dozen drug dealers, including two Asian men for heroin.

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