BC SPCA seizes rabbits from Lake Country bunny sanctuary

Bunnies seized from farm

A Lake Country animal sanctuary is still operating despite having animals seized from the facility last fall.

The BC SPCA removed animals from the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary in October 2023.

"Animal protection officers executed two warrants on Warren Peace Bunny farm on October 11 and October 12, 2023, resulting in the seizure of a number of animals in distress," says Eileen Drever with the BC SPCA.

Annie Monod, the operator of Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary, said animal protection officers removed some of her rabbits and says she has since complied with their demands.

"We have about 40 rabbits left," says Monod, which is down from as many as 200 in the fall.

"They don't need too much but I guess they thought we had too many so we have made the changes they asked us to make."

Monod says she believes the matter has been dealt with and the file is closed, but the BC SPCA's Drever says the organization has recommended charges to Crown counsel.

The Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary was forced to close to the public back in 2018 because of an outbreak of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease. They have not reopened to the public since.

Monod says they just wrapped up one of their two seasonal fundraisers. She's hoping that people won't give bunnies as gifts, especially at Easter.

"Bunnies do not make good gifts," Monod says. "When rabbits are babies they are cute like all animals, but anyone interested in a rabbit should do some research before buying one."

As far as Monod is concerned, it's business as usual at the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary.

"We have a few farm animals and about 40 bunnies on the property right now," she says.

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