Ignite Okanagan summit will help employers recruit and retain immigrant employees

Find top immigrant talent

Businesses looking to build a welcoming and inclusive workspace should mark March 13 on their calendars.

Ignite Okanagan 2024 will be held on that date at Accelerate Okanagan, providing employers with plenty of information about the recruitment and retention of immigrant talent.

The event is organized by the Local Immigration Partnership of the Central Okanagan, with support from CANDO Immigration Services, Kelowna WorkBC Centre, KCR Community Resources, Accelerate Okanagan, Interior Health and Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.

“Employers have the opportunity to discover how to attract, retain and leverage the diverse skills of new immigrant talent,” COLIP member and WorkBC Centre Kelowna employer and community co-ordinator Joel Gunther said in a press release.

“Finding ways for sustained growth and innovation in the face of a shrinking workforce will drive success in the evolving Central Okanagan job market.”

CANDO Canadian Immigration Services owner Jamie Dowla, who is also a registered Canadian immigrant consultant, will be the keynote speaker.

Ignite Okanagan 2024 will take place from 5-7 p.m., and attendees are requested to register on the event website here.

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