City of Kelowna buys waterfront property at mouth of Mission Creek, new park planned

New beach park planned

The City of Kelowna has purchased a piece of waterfront property at the mouth of Mission Creek and plans to create a new park at the site.

In a video uploaded to the city's YouTube page, Mayor Tom Dyas announced the recent purchase of the 1.8-hectare property at 3896 Truswell Road from the Truswell family.

Dyas says the city plans to “create a destination beach park that links Mission Creek Greenway with Waterfront Walkway.”

He did not disclose how much the city paid for the property.

“In many ways this property has shaped the surrounding area. Its position at the mouth of the creek influenced local agricultural developments and nearly 80 years the Truswell family, who recently sold the property to the city, planted willows, which very likely seeded many of the trees around the lake today,” Dyas said.

“It's an important step to ensure that Kelowna's beautiful waterfront can be enjoyed by all for generations to come.”

The area, known colloquially as “Secret Beach,” has been accessible for years through a path accessed from Truswell Road. But this past October, the city closed off access to the area, installing a fence across the path.

It's not clear when the city plans to open the new park to the public.

Kelowna's Partnerships and Investments Director Dereck Edstrom says the property will be useful for more than just recreation.

“A city-owned control and access point will be invaluable for flood protection, sediment control planning and habitat restoration activities in the area,” Edstrom said.

“The parcel is a cornerstone in the city's plan to create a string of destination beach parks that are linked together by an unbroken chain of pathways and waterways.”

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