Candy Cane Lane a neighbourhood labour of love

Lights a labour of love

Cindy White

A couple of years ago it looked like the lights might go out on Candy Cane Lane, but set up is well underway for the 13th edition of the holiday display in Kelowna’s Springvalley neighbourhood.

“As soon as one person starts testing their lights a little bit at night people go, what’s going on out there? Everyone looks out the windows up and down the road and they go, oh, we’ve got to get our lights up,” longtime organizer John Sharhon tells Castanet.

Residents along Collison Road, Gramiak Road and Mary Court are busy decorating. This year it seems people are even more eager to get in the holiday spirit, especially after the tough summer that was marred by wildfires.

“The last decade or so of fires has been out of control and, whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or not, it does gnaw on your nerves. It plays havoc with your emotions. We need something to get away from all that,” says Sharhon.

He is hoping someone younger will step up to lead Candy Cane Lane into the future, but for now he’s sticking with it. "The biggest give back to the community, I think, is the smiles, the tears, just the joy," adds Sharhon.

The best way to enjoy the lights it is on foot. Visitors please be courteous, drive slowly, don’t park in or block residents’ driveways, stay off their property and don’t touch the displays.

The neighbourhood will again be collecting donations for the Kelowna Women’s Shelter, the Salvation Army, the John Howard Society and the Springvalley Elementary School breakfast program.

The kick off of Candy Cane Lane is scheduled for Dec. 1. There are plenty of other local holiday displays to take in this year, as well.

The Tree of Hope lights up this Friday, November 24, and you can watch the livestream on Castanet. The Rutland Winter Light Up Festival is Saturday, from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Next weekend, on Dec. 2 is the Downtown Kelowna Winter Street Market & Light Up. Kettle Valley will be launching its Holiday Light Up Contest on Dec. 10.

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