Two years for manslaughter

Cyle Ivan of Kelowna will spend his 21st birthday in a federal prison.

Ivan, who turns 21 next week, has been sentenced to two years in prison for his role in the killing of Danielle Larson. In June, 2006 the mother of two was tasered, beaten and had her throat slashed over a drug debt.

Ivan's accomplice, Darryl Cook, committed the murder and is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 years. But during Thursday's sentencing, the judge noted that Ivan was calling the shots and tried to cover up the murder until his cousin turned him in.

The court heard how Ivan had tasered Larson, kicked her in the teeth and tried to knock her unconscious with a rag laced with ammonia as she begged for her life. Cook slashed her throat three times and the duo left her body at the base of an illegal dump off Glenrosa Road. Ivan was a full-time drug dealer and user at the time of the murder.

He claims to have cleaned up his act and the judge believed him.

"You are still a young man. I am satisfied you are sorry for your actions. I do not believe you are a lost soul," said Justice, Brad Chapman.

Ivan was originally charged with first-degree murder but pled guilty to manslaughter.

The Crown was seeking a jail term of between three and five years.

Ivan could be out of prison in six months.

When he is released, Ivan will be on probation for two years and it was suggested that he tour local schools to talk about the dangers of drugs.

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