New Sutherland Avenue apartment dominated by microsuites

Microsuites dominate build

More than half of the suites in a planned 240-unit Sutherland Avenue apartment complex will be microsuites.

That according to the developer whose application will be before council Monday seeking a development permit for the project.

The proposal before council includes a six-storey building situated on six former single-family lots fronting both Sutherland and Pridham Avenue within the Capri-Landmark urban centre.

The 240 units within the development would include 147 microsuites (307 square feet), six bachelor, 40 one bedroom and 47 units with two or more bedrooms.

"With a high composition of microsuites it is an expectation for there to be amenity-rich provisions on site and this proposal exceeds bylaw requirements for minimum amenity space by providing 127 per cent of the requirements," a staff report states.

Staff says the proposal includes an indoor lounge, gym and workspace as well as a second level outdoor courtyard, rooftop amenity space and private balconies.

An outdoor dog run and community garden are also included in the plans.

"Staff are recommending support for the project. It meets or exceeds Official Community Plan design guidelines for this type of multi-family housing which are the legislated consideration review of this type of project.

"With microsuites being excluded from the DCC program, the applicant has agreed to make a $480,000 contribution into the Housing Opportunities Reserve Fund to achieve a required density bonus to facilitate the proposal."

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