Kelowna seeks input on infill housing plan

City seeking infill input

Want a say in how infill housing develops in Kelowna’s core area? Here’s your chance.

The City of Kelowna is inviting residents to provide input on the Infill Options project, by filling out an online survey until Oct. 15.

“One of the goals of the Infill Options project is to provide the opportunity for more types of housing throughout Kelowna. Supporting a diversity of housing sizes and types helps create more choices for people,” said planner Daniel Sturgeon.

“This infill housing strategy is one of several housing priorities the City is currently pursuing to support a healthier housing system.”

Kelowna is expected to grow by another 50,000 residents by 2040 and the Official Community Plan calls for 25 per cent of new housing to be in the form of infill throughout core area neighbourhoods.

Infill is already starting to pop up as existing homes are renovated or redeveloped. The options include carriage houses, rowhouses, townhouses, multiplexes and low-rise apartment buildings.

“Infill housing comes with benefits and trade-offs. It can help to improve housing diversity, affordability, transportation options and infrastructure costs, but also means having to make choices between things like yard space, parking, and building form,” said Sturgeon. “Through this engagement, we want residents to share their perspectives for balancing these trade-offs.”

The city has been working on its infill strategy since last year. Recommended changes to the zoning bylaws aimed at expanding where infill is permitted are expected to go to city council later this year.

You can learn more, give your input and complete the survey here.

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