Victim begged for her life

There's no doubt that Cyle Ivan of Kelowna is going to prison, but for how long?

Ivan, 20, was a low level drug dealer who pled guilty for his role in the killing of Danielle Larson. Ivan was charged with first degree murder but pled guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. His accomplice, Darryl Cook, is currently serving a life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 years after pleading guilty to second degree murder.

During Ivan's sentencing hearing Tuesday, the court heard how Larson owed Ivan money for drugs -- namely cocaine. On the night of her death back in June, 2006, Cook and Ivan drove Larson to a makeshift dump in Glenrosa where Cook held her while Ivan tried to render her unconscious with a rag doused in ammonia. Larson put up a struggle and begged for her life. She fell to the ground where Ivan held her head in a puddle before Cook slashed her three times across the throat, killing her.

Cook also cut off a piece of Larson's hair and carved out a tattoo from her left arm as evidence that she was dead because he believed there was a bounty on her head.

Ivan and Cook told friends that they had put Larson on a bus and sent her home to Surrey, but cracks began to appear in their story when Cook began bragging about the killing. Ivan also told his cousin about the murder who in turn, told the police.

Ivan decided to volunteer his story to the police and blamed it on Cook, but investigators realized that Ivan was involved and arrested him.

Ivan, who has been under house arrest for 2.5 years, shed a few tears during Tuesday's hearing and even volunteered a 20 minute video depicting the dangers of the drug culture which was played for the court.

The Crown is seeking a sentence of between three and five years in a federal penitentiary while the defence is seeking a two year prison term.

The judge has reserved his decision.

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