Mostly rain fell on highway passes Monday night despite alerts for possible snow

Highway alerts ended

Environment Canada has ended multiple special weather statements across Interior highway passes on Tuesday morning.

The alerts were issued on Sunday morning for Coquihalla Highway - Hope to Kamloops, Highway 3 - Hope to Princeton via Allison Pass, and the Okanagan Connector - Merritt to Kelowna, warning of possible snowfall.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang stated that mostly rain fell from Monday night into Tuesday.

"It appears that the majority of precipitation was actually rain. There was some snow on the sides, visible on the webcam at Kootenay Pass and a small amount at the Pennask Summit. However, for the most part, it fell as rain, which is good news," she said.

A total of 24.6 millimeters of rain fell on the Coquihalla Summit. The Pennask Summit had approximately five millimeters of rain. The Kootenay Pass received 24.8 millimeters of rain.

Rain showers are expected intermittently throughout the day across the Thompson Okanagan region.

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