Krazy Cherry Fruit Company unveil plans for packing plant

New packing plant planned

The Krazy Cherry Fruit Company submitted plans this week to the City of Kelowna for a new packing plant at their Reid Road orchard.

The proposal for a farm protection development permit requests a 6,688 square metre packing plant and cooler room as well as an attached two-storey 297 square metre building for office and meeting space.

The proposal has generated discussion on social media, with some residents announcing on the Southeast Kelowna Facebook group they would be launching a petition to oppose the plan.

"That just doesn't seem right to destroy an entire orchard for an industrial building," read one post to the Southeast Kelowna Facebook group.

"That's a terrible spot for traffic with that blind hill," wrote another.

"If enough people in SE Kelowna are opposed it, then we need to band together to make our voice heard with city council," said another post.

Plans also include a potential future addition.

The property already includes a home and four existing farm buildings.

If ultimately approved, the buildings and parking area would take up 13.99 per cent of the property area.

The proposal will go before Kelowna city council at a future undetermined date.

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