Kelowna man wakes up to punctured tire, other vehicles targeted as well

Tires stabbed on Stockwell

A Kelowna resident's day got off to a rough start Friday morning when he went to get in his car to go to work and found his tire punctured.

"Multiple vehicles. Not a good morning at all," says Dale Letkeman.

"Waking up to tires slashed on Stockwell and Richter Street.

The incident appears to have happened overnight in the area of Stockwell Avenue and Richter Street.

Letkeman says his wife got up for a run at 5 a.m. and she noticed they had a flat tire on the front driver's side of their vehicle.

"One Jeep both tires on the one side. I would say probably six vehicles. And then when I turned on to Richter, there was one right away on the Richter as well with the rear tire punctured. Super random. Someone walked down the street. It's all street-side tires," said Letkeman.

The punctures on the tires appear to have been made with a sharp object like a screwdriver, Letkman says the tires do not appear to be slashed and he has reported the incident to RCMP.

"They were walking down the streets trying to stab tires, but they didn't use a knife. They definitely used a screwdriver because it's not like a slash it's more of a puncture."

Letkman says he has changed out his tire but will have to get a new tire because punctures on the side wall of a tire can be difficult to repair, "I can probably use my spare but my wife has to travel on the weekend, so I gotta go buy a new tire."

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