Property containing New Life Church and Woodfire Bakery sold to developer

New Life property sold

Sale of the property housing New Life Church and Woodfire Bakery on Harvey Avenue is now complete.

News of a pending sale of the 2.76 acre property to Kelowna developer Impact UPstream Ventures first came to light in March.

The sale was made official May 31.

In a news release announcing the sale, the developer says it is committed to making a "measurable impact in our world" by developing innovative, proactive solutions that improve Canadian communities.

IUVI president Al Hildebrandt said the plan is to develop a "family friendly village" incorporating homes, restaurants, a co-working space for social innovators and agencies seeking to make the community a safer, healthier place to live.

"The proposed mixed-use development will feature residential and commercial space and will include New Life Church's newly designed multi-purpose space," the news release states.

"The development of a social impact co-working space for social innovators and social agencies is the first of its kind in Kelowna."

IUVI says it will begin the planning process in earnest with hopes of obtaining a development permit in early 2024.

"This is an exciting day and a new chapter in our lives," says Hildebrandt.

"We want to invite a diverse community to make Vitae Village their new home and workspace, and still be mindful of the affordability gap in our city facing first time homebuyers and renters."

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