Mother running across B.C. for safe supply

Running for safe supply

A member of Moms Stop the Harm, a network of Canadian families impacted by substance-use-related harms and deaths, says nice people take drugs, and drugs take nice people.

As the toxic drug crisis continues to take the lives of thousands of B.C. residents each year, a member of Moms Stop the Harm is running across the province to raise awareness about the need for safe supply.

"This has become a very contentious issue and I think people need to dig in just a little bit to understand what safe supply means,” said runner Jessica Michalofsky, who lost her son to toxic drugs.

“And I think most of us would agree here that we would do anything to have our loved ones back, to have our kids back.”

With deaths continuing at a record pace, Michalofsky tells Castanet she felt the need to raise the stakes, and said safe supply is not about addiction.

"Some people are addicted, some people would not feel like they’re addicted, and some people are dying who are first time users, so it’s important to distinguish addiction from deaths due to toxic drug poisoning. Safe supply is about the preservation of life. People can’t go to treatment if they’re not alive," she added.

Moms Stop the Harm supporter Helen Jennens says people need to understand that this is happening everywhere and that it’s getting worse.

“This is not random. These deaths are not happening just on the Downtown Eastside or over on our Lawrence and Leon Avenue. 83 per cent are still young men dying in their own home. We’re trying to get the message out there that this can happen to anybody," said Jennens.

It estimated less than four per cent of people addicted to opioids in B.C. right now are accessing prescribed safer supply. The topic was in the news provincially this week when officials held a news conference to refute claims that safe supply is contributing to deaths.

Michalofsky will surpass 850 total kilometres when she finishes her run in Victoria, and you can support Moms Stop the Harm through their GoFundMe set up for the run.

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