Roller skates available for rent at Stuart Park this summer

Roller skate at Stuart Park

It’s time to throw on some roller skates and cruise around Kelowna’s Stuart Park as The Roller Skate Guy has set up shop for the summer.

“I’ve been watching this for the past seven-plus years down in California and the trend is growing and growing. I wanted to get it started about three years before COVID started, but COVID happened and I put it on the shelf and just waited. This year is the year I’m going to launch it, and then take it from there,” explained Kevin Laflamme, The Roller Skate Guy.

Shifting from ice skates in the winter to a pair of roller skates in the summer, The Roller Skate Guy is offering up some pretty sweet pricing to help kick off his business.

“This month, for the month of June, we have a $15 rate per hour and $5 for every half hour. After that, it goes back to our regular pricing in July and August. Credit cards required or debit, there’s a $50 deposit and for the first little while here, for the first few days we’re going to give the first half hour free just so people can try it out,” he added.

He tells Castanet things get pretty interesting on Tuesday nights.

“On Tuesday nights from 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m., there’s full disco lights, the lights to go with it, the reflective ball and a live DJ. Along with that, Colleen Mulligan and her crew come up and they provide free lessons or show you different skills.”

If you want to give roller skating a try in downtown Kelowna, the Roller Skate Guy at Stuart Park has you covered all summer long.

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