Hunter's truck set ablaze up Kelowna's Postill Lake Road Friday night

Truck torched up Postill

Kane Blake's ventures into the Central Okanagan's backcountry are rarely dull, and Friday night's was no exception.

The founder of the Okanagan Forest Task Force was about 12 kilometres up Postill Lake Road just before 11 p.m. when he came upon a black Dodge Ram with a fire burning in its interior. It appeared to have been set alight just moments before.

Within minutes, the truck became fully engulfed in flames and was completely destroyed. Thankfully, the fire didn't take off too far into the nearby brush.

“Unfortunately it started going way too fast and too hot for us to be able to do anything,” Blake said. “There was also live ammunition in the truck that we could hear popping off and there were batteries exploding and things like that.”

Blake says the owner of the truck had been in the area checking their trail cameras. It appears someone had smashed the back window and set fire to the truck's interior.

Kane remained at the scene until police arrived.

Since founding OFTF in 2016, Blake and hundreds of volunteers have pulled more than 600,000 pounds of garbage from local woods.

He was up Postill Lake Road Friday checking out an abandoned camp that he and several hundred volunteers are working to clean up Saturday. The planned cleanup has been in the works for more than a month, and Blake says he expects around 400 people to help with the massive job.

“We've teamed up with the Gambler 500 guys and they're going to be coming through as well and helping us with the cleanup,” Blake said.

Those interested in lending a hand with future cleanups can find more information on the OFTF website or their Facebook page.

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