Sinking sailboat runs aground off Strathcona Beach

Sailboat partially sunk

A sinking sailboat in Okanagan Lake off Kelowna's Strathcona Beach is drawing attention.

A Kelowna General Hospital nurse captured this photo Friday morning.

"It's very close to shore," said the nurse.

The sailboat is almost completely submerged and you can see from the photo that the mast is not upright but it appears to be secured to the boat.

"Quite a few people are looking on, but there's nobody out there that I can see. It's pretty shallow here too. It looks like it's grounded," the nurse says.

The boat has become somewhat famous on social media, with several people on the Kelowna Alert Facebook group commenting on the boat as it appears to have been drifting down the shoreline.

One person commented, "I’ve paddleboarded by it three times, can’t believe it’s still there... it was like half way from mushroom beach two weeks ago."

Another person suggested they know how to re-float the boat and offered their services to the boat's owner, whoever that may be.

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