Runners spot moose splashing through Mission Creek

Moose frolics in creek

A group of runners got a treat along the Mission Creek Greenway Monday. They saw a moose cooling off in Mission Creek.

Phillip Dong snapped a couple pictures of the largest and heaviest member of the deer family.

He says a walker on the Greenway alerted the runners to the animal’s presence. “We had passed it already not knowing that we had ran by it. So we ran back and yeah, sure enough, there was a moose there. He was going eastbound just prancing in the water.”

Dong said the animal did not look to be in distress, it appeared to simply be enjoying the cool water in the creek.

It was his first time seeing a Moose in Kelowna. He’s lived in the city for eight years.

“We see deer walking through around where I live around Sunset, all the time. But to see a moose is a bit different.”

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