Home Hardware holds fundraiser for former employee diagnosed with inoperable breast cancer

Fundraiser for Sherri

Sherri Evans had such an impact on her colleagues at the Home Hardware in Lake Country for the few years that she worked there, that they are making her the centre of a customer appreciation event in early June.

All the proceeds from a barbecue being held during Customer Appreciation Day will go to support Evans, who was diagnosed with Metastatic HER 2+ Inoperable Stage 4 breast cancer earlier this year.

Contract sales manager Lynette Taylor started working at the Home Hardware about the same time as Evans.

“Her fantastic personality just kind of drew everybody in. She became friends with pretty much everybody here,” says Taylor.

Jennifer Samms started a Go Fund Me to support Evans.

“There is no cure - she will never get to say she is cancer free. Her body is responding favourably to systemic treatment and will likely continue with chemotherapy and some other treatments to help her live another year, maybe five - no one can say for sure,” wrote Samms.

“Even after her diagnosis, she still worked for quite a few months. She definitely never let it show that she was suffering,” she added.

The Home Hardware crew wants Sherri to enjoy each day going forward. She has children and grandchildren in Alberta she would like to visit and a bucket list she wants to try to complete.

Customer Appreciate Day takes place on Saturday June 3 at the Lake Country Home Hardware, 3223 Woodsdale Road. There will be door prizes and other customers giveaways. Taylor and Samms hope Sherri will be able to make it.

“She’s definitely hoping to be there, providing chemotherapy and all that let her be there.”

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