Kelowna middle school students hand out hygiene kits to those in need

Students help homeless

Madison Erhardt

Students from Canyon Falls Middle School spent the morning at the Queensway bus exchange downtown Kelowna, handing out hygiene kits to people in need.

Faron Sanche works at the Queensway bathrooms and was approached by a teacher from the school.

"The teacher came by the kiosk and was given my number to talk about doing some handing out of hygiene products," Sanche said.

Sanche says he was asked to speak in front of the students.

"I shared a little bit of my own life. Here, we deal with mostly the vulnerable community, and I used to be there," he said.

"So I went in and kind of told them my story, told them about what we do down here, and the needs that are not being met."

Students taking part in the initiative are enrolled in the middle school's enrichment program called Help.

Teacher Paul Bennett says the program is designed to connect students will different non-profit organizations in Kelowna, "and then use our services and abilities to meet the needs of these non-profits and help them attain their goals."

Sanche recommended a number of items to be put in the kits, including razors, socks, candy and feminine hygiene products.

"For young people to volunteer to do this kind of stuff is huge. It will help them in their future as well," Sanche said.

"Knowing that people can find comfort in even just the small things we do in life... it's just really meaningful," said grade six student Nevaeh Placide.

The students will be back at the Queensway bus exchange in one week.

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