Kelowna Fire Department’s fire safety house is returning

Fire safety house returning

After a break during the pandemic, the Kelowna Fire Department’s fire safety house is back on the road, helping to teach fire safety tips to primary students in grades one through three.

A familiar sight to many who grew up in Kelowna, the two-story mini house on wheels—complete with a smoke machine—was constructed by off duty firefighters in the mid-70s.

Between 2016 and 2020, the interactive teaching aid has been used to educate over 22,000 primary school children on the importance of basic fire safety like smoke alarms and evacuation.

“Our fire safety house trailer has been on the road for years,” said Candace Friesen, fire and life safety educator, Kelowna Fire Department.

“We are stopped regularly by parents who share their memories of going through the house when they were young. We are excited to be able to bring the fire safety house back this year in person.”

During the pandemic, the fire department shared the house virtually via video. By the end of 2023, KFD plans to visit every elementary school in Kelowna. The first stop on the 2023 tour is North Glenmore Elementary.

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