Lake Country Art Gallery makes call for cat-related submissions

Local cats in an uproar

Lake Country Cats are protesting the number of tax dollars going toward dog parks with no plans from the District of Lake Country to provide green spaces for cats.

In a recent interview with Lake Country Art Gallery curator, a cat named Robin, who lives in Okanagan Centre, says although there is a charming dog park along the shores of Okanagan Lake not far from her home, there are no safe spaces for her and other cats to roam and explore, climb a tree, or just bathe in the sunshine.

It is time for cats to unite and demand city council takes a serious look at the lack of cat services.

Public art galleries provide spaces for public forums and debates, and the plight of cats is no exception. The Lake Country Art Gallery is taking up the cause and examining this important feline plight. Show your support for the cats of Lake Country by participating in the Lake Country Art Gallery's upcoming exhibition, Cattywampus.

Artists are invited to submit any art form that best captures your furry feline beast for this community exhibition. For information about the exhibition and to confirm participation by June 1, please email the gallery curator, [email protected]

Cattywampus will be up at the LC Art Gallery from June 24th to July 16th.

Are you looking to adopt a forever furry friend? Sunday, June 25, the Lake Country Art Gallery will partner with the Okanagan Humane Society for a day of cats, kittens, and the opportunity to select your new catty.

Are you looking for that unique and truly creative culinary treat? The bake sale on June 25 will offer an amazing selection of cat-inspired edibles. Take up the challenge of creating something truly unique because while we know that “cats are connoisseurs of comfort,” they are also connoisseurs of fine food. Proceeds from the sale of these feline-inspired but human-consumable treats will be a fundraiser for the Lake Country Art Gallery.

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