Kelowna movie utilizing electric trucks to assist with production

Electric trucks used for film

Madison Erhardt

Yet another Christmas movie is being filmed in the Okanagan.

Film crews filled the 300 block of Lawrence Avenue on Monday.

Producer Gilles Laplante says this time around, crews are utilizing electric trucks.

He believes this is the first movie in North America that is using the five-ton trucks.

"They are being used for set deck, props and special effects," he explained.

Laplante says there are a number of advantages to going electric.

"Mainly offsetting fuel costs. Also there are advantages in terms of times of use, for example often times there is curfews in various municipalities. So this allows us to work earlier or later at night and because they are so silent they don't disturb any of the neighbours or businesses in the area."

Laplante says there is a large movement in the industry to move away from carbon fuels.

"I have just started experimenting with it and it's been a great successes on this movie."

The movie is being filmed both in Kelowna and Vernon and is a romantic comedy set called Goals for Christmas.

Goals for Christmas is expected to be released by November 2023.

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