Teens kick in front door of Kelowna home for fun

Teens kick in door for fun

A Southeast Kelowna resident says he is frustrated and confused after two teens decided to kick in his newly renovated door.

The man partially caught the teens on his front door camera.

"We replaced our front door and then the other night we hear this big bang. So I came out and it was these two teenagers," Don said.

Don tells Castanet the same thing happened to his neighbour back in August.

"They come up to the door, put their backs to the door and then they kick backwards at the same time, bash the door in and run. What we are hearing now is this is quite common now going around Kelowna."

"We started a police report, but they aren't getting any traction," the resident added.

Don says the damage will cost him a few thousand dollars.

"When they kicked the door in it busted the jamb which pushed the trim away from the drywall and pulled some drywall. The whole wall needs to be repainted, the trim needs to be redone, the doorframe needs to be replaced and probably the door at the same time," he said.

The incident is under investigation. Castanet has requested information from the RCMP.

Newsweek reported last year that strangers doors were being kicked randomly across the states due to a TikTok challenge.

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