Wolves spotted near hiking trails in Black Mountain Park

Wolves on Black Mountain

Wolves have been spotted in Black Mountain Park, just east of Kelowna.

Mike Walchuck was out for a hike Saturday afternoon when he spotted what initially looked like some coyotes. He was hiking an upper section of the Grassland Trail that he hadn’t explored before.

“I came into an open area and saw this dog-like thing looking at me in the distance. I knew it was at least a big coyote. But then I got a better look at it and then I saw the black one come out of the bushes. Yeah, they were absolutely huge, and definitely knew right then and there that they were wolves,” said Walchuk.

He assessed the situation to make sure he was in a safe spot. He said the wolves did not appear aggressive and started moving away from him, so he snapped a series of photos.

“I have a pretty good point-and-shoot camera that has a pretty strong zoom on it. I usually just have it on my belt clip while I’m hiking if the off chance that I’ll see something interesting.”

Walchuk moved to Kelowna a couple of years ago from Calgary to be closer to nature. This is his first wolf encounter. He believes there were six wolves in the group that he saw.

He posted his photos to the Hiking In the Okanagan Area Facebook group to give other people a heads up.

“I want people to be aware and especially keep their dogs on a leash. If there’s going to be a bad outcome it’s going to be going after a pet animal,” adds Walchuck.

In late November, Kane Blake of the Okanagan Forest Task Force posted a video of what looked like wolves prowling around his home in Lake Country.

Wolf sightings are rare in the Okanagan, but not unheard of. It is estimated that there are approximately 8,500 wolves in BC

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