Central Okanagan Indigenous students learn about culture

Proud to be Indigenous

The Central Okanagan Public Schools' Indigenous Education department worked hard this week with grade three Indigenous students to teach children about culture and connection.

Through their weeklong winter gathering, Indigenous students learned different styles of Indigenous dancing, regalia, drumming, how to play with loose parts with a focus on natural elements and much more.

Vice principal April Strickland says the purpose of the winter gathering was geared towards being proud of who you are and where you come from.

“It was geared towards Indigenous grade three students with the intention of learning a bit more about culture. We really want to build and instil that confidence in our students to be proud Indigenous folks," explained Strickland.

Strickland went on to tell Castanet the students truly had a great time learning, saying several kids didn't want to leave, with another child screaming in excitement just how proud he was to be Indigenous.

“It was all around a huge success, and I really want to give props to the Indigenous team. We worked really hard so that our students could have a good time. Our feet are sore (from all the dancing), but our hearts are full.”

Strickland says this week's event helped chip away at inclusivity and accepting ourselves for who we are.

"The main theme was identity and being proud. Dance however you want to dance and be you. Be proud of who you are. the dancers that came in were from high school and it was cool to see them dancing in their regalia," she said.

"We really wanted the younger students to emulate that and to be proud Indigenous students."

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