Developer trying again to develop former Kettle Valley school site

3rd attempt to develop

Kettle Valley Holdings hopes third time is a charm as they attempt again to gain public and council support to develop the former School District 23 site on Providence Avenue.

The company which has built out the Kettle Valley neighbourhood over the past 25 years was unsuccessful in attempts to gain council support in 2017 and again in 2021.

In both instances, Kettle Valley residents pushed back against the proposed development on the site.

When the Kettle Valley neighbourhood was first planned, the property was earmarked as a future high school. SD23 held an option to purchase the property, but when that option lapsed, the property reverted to the developer.

It has been home to a soccer field the past two decades which the city has leased from the developer for $1 a year.

After being denied rezoning in 2017, a Kettle Valley group stated the developer needs to "re-engage with the community to revise and resubmit their plan."

In its latest official community plan and rezoning application, Kettle Valley Holdings says the new proposal was put together following several rounds of engagement with the Kettle Valley community.

The new proposal includes provisions to keep the full size soccer field while expanding the overall parkland and green space to nearly 50 per cent of the site.

The previous proposal included about 25 per cent dedicated parkland and a smaller soccer field.

The 2021 proposal also envisioned 67 single family homes, ranging from compact to large homes while the new proposal indicates 99 single family, duplex and townhouse units.

"Re-imagining the former school site, the Legacy Neighbourhood is the final residential phase within the core of Kettle Valley offering expanded public parkland and recreational amenities – from full-size sports field to community pavilion – along with a range of home options to meet the needs of the community," the application states.

The proposal still has to pass through various internal stages before coming to council.

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